A downloadable game for Windows

Fatec Americana research project to create a health promotion and disease prevention game in partnership with the Durban University.

Game Overview:

A child follows his or her relative to the medical clinic and there they will learn from their observations and things they read and hear about different types of diseases. With this purpose, the game seeks to work on the concept of a Serious Game, working on a serious health theme and with the main purpose of teach and raise awareness to the player about the following diseases: Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension and HIV. Using the natural curiosity factor of the children, the main player-guided character will explore the environment and thus gain insight about diseases, learning from each new discovery and walking through the story by meeting other characters and interacting with the environment as well.


Movement Player - W, S, A, D 

Interaction - E

Install instructions

Download and then:

1.Unzip the "Amachi DEMO.zip"

2.Execute the "Amachi - DEMO.exe"


Amachi DEMO PT-BR.zip 28 MB


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Gostei da arte das interações, muito boas ! E a história também !

Muito obrigado!

its a lovely game, the transitions to the dialogue is great and the soundtracks are chill and beautiful. I didnt like the movements though, it felt  heavy to control the character.